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The concrete polishing method behind HTC Superfloor™ is harmless to the environment. Creating polished concrete consumes a smaller amount of energy than in the manufacture and installation of other typical floor systems.

Concrete is a pure natural material that can be re-used, over and over again. Where polished concrete floors have been installed in buildings that are coming to their end of use, the concrete can be crushed and used for new concrete or road building materials.

When creating a HTC Superfloor gloss polished concrete floor, the concrete is refined using a diamond grinding and polishing process, free from ecologically harmful chemicals.

The long term cleaning system is also simple. The Twister pad method using only water to clean is harmless to the environment and harmless to the floor.

Our environment is always the topic of the day, and we need to consider it in all our choices. Concrete is a natural material and the effects on the environment are minimal.

Polished concrete is the natural choice for projects requiring a floor that can increase LEED points, but also provide glossy, aesthetic floors capable of withstanding high traffic volume.

HTC Superfloor™ is a polished concrete floor, free from ecologically harmful chemicals. The floor doesn’t need any covering and environment friendly cleaning compounds are used.