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History of Polishing Concrete

The use of concrete is not a modern occurrence, but rather antique. Even the old Romans had their concrete or concretum, a latin word which means solid matter.

And concrete really proved to be a solid material because the oldest remnants of concrete found by archaeologists are several thousand years old. Some of the most impressive older concrete constructions was erected during the Roman period, for example the Pantheon in Rome.

Around the Mediterranean Sea you can still find aqueducts, drainage systems and amphitheatres built in concrete for 2000 years ago.

About HTC Superfloor Polishing

Polished Concrete Surface

HTC Superfloor™ is a complete floor grinding system for refining of concrete floors. Concrete has a natural beauty, and the Superfloor method brings out the best of it. This concept gives undreamt-of architectural possibilities. The glossy, smooth concrete surface that Superfloor brings is beyond comparison. This concrete polishing method can be used for both existing and new concrete floors. When pouring concrete there are great possibilities to influence both color and finish.

Concrete is a strong, reliable, long-lived and environment friendly material that is really worth its price. Thanks to HTC Superfloor™ there is no need to hide the concrete anymore. Polished concrete meets all the requirements of a floor. The days when concrete symbolized something grey, dull and dirty is over.

Our environment is always the topic of the day, and we need to consider it in all our choices. Concrete is a natural material and the effects on the environment are minimal. HTC Superfloor™ is a polished concrete floor, free from ecologically harmful chemicals. The floor doesn’t need any covering and environment friendly cleaning compounds are used.

Economic Flooring
HTC Superfloor™ is an extremely economical option for all types of business activities. Compared with traditional methods for concrete floors or resin floors for example, polishing concrete offers unbeatable durability. The polished concrete flooring has an unlimited lifespan, i.e. the same as the lifespan of the building. The intial investment is the same or lower than for traditional flooring solutions. Choose HTC Superfloor™ from Ecoflor.

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