• Cost effective

• Aesthetically appealing

• Environmentally friendly option

• Lower vibration level for vehicless

• Slip proof, even when the floor is wet

• Highest fire safety class

• Easy-to-clean. No truck marks, etc.

• Infinite lifespan with Twister™ maintenance

• Just as good for new installations as for floor renovations

• 60% lower life cycle cost than with traditional flooring solutions

Industrial Polished Concrete - HTC Superfloor by Ecoflor

HTC Superfloor™ is an extremely economical option for all types of business activities. Compared with other floor types, HTC Superfloor™ offers unbeatable durability.

The initial investment is the same, or lower, than for traditional flooring solutions but the low mainte­nance cost and the longer lifespan make HTC Superfloor™ the most lucrative investment option. The life cycle cost is about 60% less than for traditional flooring solu­tions.

And by using the Twister™ DCS for maintaining the floor, you’ll find that your floor is easier to clean, environmentally friendly and cost-effective to maintain. .

The resistance tests conducted, both on floor joists and on concrete slabs on the ground, show that HTC Superfloor™ complies with the SS-EN 61340-5-1 standard. Measured values fall within the range for the international IEC standard. Walk-around tests with ESD shoes generally produce low or no static. The limits stipulated in the standard for the handling of electronics have not been exceeded by HTC Superfloor™ in any cases.

Polished Concrete Concept Options

Floor polishing grades form Bronze to Platinum.


Polished Concrete Colour Dye Options

Concrete Floor Dyes available to produce coloured concrete effects during the polishing process.