• Cost effective

• Aesthetically appealing

• Environmentally friendly option

• Can be colored without losing its qualities

• Slip proof, even when the floor is wet

• Highest fire safety class

• Easy-to-clean.

• Infinite lifespan with Twister™ maintenance

• Just as good for new installations as for floor renovations

• 60% lower life cycle cost than with traditional flooring solutions

HTC Superfloor - Retail Polished Concrete

Concrete is an exciting material. It invites to a natural building style where every materials inherent beauty is respected. A Superfloor polish gives the concrete a smooth, glossy surface with an incredible brilliance that lends an exclusive feeling to any building.

The floor has an excellent ability to reflect light, which makes the whole room look brighter. It also has a long life-cycle and retains its appearance even after years of wear and tear in heavy industries.

The possibilities to customize a concrete floor are countless. The appearance of the concrete is influenced by the colour of the ballast (stone), the size of the stones and their distribution. Every enterprise or business that requires a durable and aesthetical floor, like malls, museums, exhibition halls, public buildings, schools and industries, can gain from a Superfloor.

The possibilities for this concept are countless.

Polished Concrete Concept Options

Floor polishing grades form Bronze to Platinum.


Polished Concrete Colour Dye Options

Concrete Floor Dyes available to produce coloured concrete effects during the polishing process.


Ecoflor also install overlay floor systems including polished concrete and terrazzo:

Overlay Floor Systems

Polished Concrete and Terrazzo Floor Systems at www.terrazzofloors.co.uk